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Making Safe Profits from today's $40 billion Motion Picture Industry
Management regularly collaborates with some of the top names in the movie business. At the helm of a fantastic independent production company that does not just make excellent movies and wonderful stories, but generates high profits for all its investors. Ms. Mateus and Ms. Palmer have over 70 years combined experience in the entertainment industry. CTM cannot disclose the Confidentiality Polices of the privacy act, for a listing of movie titles or any names of Producers, Directors, writers or Celebrities on this website. Due to the success of many of our excellent films, SERIOUS investors receive DVD'S to view.

In the good old days, the profitability of a motion picture was based on a smaller formula (TR=DBOR + FBOR), total revenue, domestic box office revenue and foreign box office revenue. Revenues were determined by how many people saw the movie in a theater. Today we have a new formula for motion picture profitability. The company produces Low Budget and high Profit films. If you are serious about investing in one of the many film projects, Ms. Mateus and Ms. Palmer look forward to hearing from you. Single Investors or Group Investors Submit to CTM, email:
Phone: 610-760-1705